How I Became a Glamour Photographer: An Art I Can Do

Continued from How I Became a Glamour Photographer: The Foundation.

I wish I could remember how I ended up there.

It was really important and ultimately changed my life. It is changing my life to this day.


Garage Glamour was a website started and run by Rolando Gomez. It was dedicated to the idea of doing glamour photography on a small scale. You aren’t trying to be Playboy or Maxim, you are a “guy in a garage”.

I don’t much remember what I did on there at first. Probably just looked at the pictures. I didn’t have much of a camera, I was still shooting film. I remember shooting some stuff and getting it developed straight to CD at Wal-Mart. Not the recommended place to get your film developed.

Then I decided to go to a workshop.

My First Workshop

It was August of 2004 and I went to Rolando’s “Glamour, Beauty & the Nude” workshop in San Antonio. Here’s what I blogged about before I went.

My big fears are I won’t be a good enough photographer and won’t know I shot nothing by crap till I get the pictures developed. My hopes are I’ll learn how to take better portraits in general so I can take pictures of friends that they will love. And I want to learn about the business of glamour photography. I’d like another hobby that makes some money.

Well I fixed the first problem. The night before I the workshop I bought a Nikon D70.

I was glad I did.

The workshop spanned two days and after the first day I went back to my hotel room and downloaded the images to my laptop. Looking at them I realized the eyes were soft. This means I wasn’t focused on them. Part of that was caused by very narrow depth of field, part by the newbie mistake I talk about in my 10 Common Mistakes of New Model Photographers report. (Sign up to the left to get that report)

It was a very interesting shooting experience. Here’s an overview I posted back then about how the workshop worked.

The workshop was very busy. You got there at 9, there was about and hour, hour and a half of talking and then you started shooting and kept going until 5:30 or so. You ate lunch standing up in a few minutes between shoots.

There was no shortage of shooting the models. I took over 284 images. That’s how many I brought back, I know I deleted some in camera if the eyes were soft or there was camera shake or any of the other obvious problems. At least I did the second day. The first day I took a lot of picture that would have been good, but the eyes were soft.

A Walk To Remember

One thing I do remember very well. After I got back to Houston, the Mrs and I went for a walk on the greenbelt. I was holding her hand and telling her how much fun I had and I remember saying,

“This is an art I can do.”

I never considered myself much of an artist. I can’t draw or paint or play an instrument.

But I realized I could take pictures and create something artistic. It wasn’t about the beauty of the model. It wasn’t about seeing a woman naked. No, it was art.

It changed my life, and I have been pursuing this art for the 4 years and counting.

Looking at the images below I almost cringe. I see mistakes and low quality I didn’t see at all back then. Those were really great images to me. In my portfolio for years to come.

I must have improved from those images in the next shoot, right? Actually no. I got worst. I’ll show you some bad images next time.

Here are some images from that first workshop.

5 thoughts on “How I Became a Glamour Photographer: An Art I Can Do”

  1. It’s great that you’ve found this creative outlet. I think we should all strive to find an artistic way to express ourselves, even if don’t think we can write/paint/draw/etc. 😉

    Have you read Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future? As we move from an “Information Age to Conceptual Age,” there may even be a practical reason to enhance our creative selves.

    Or, we could just do it for fun. 😉

  2. I think it’s great that you can share your early experiences and frustrations. It’s important when you are starting out to understand that everyone struggles when they are learning something new, especially and art form. Great site. I look forward to more.

  3. This is great for those individual looking to start in photography because it shows how you got started and also shows there are many types of photographers not just the type ones most people think of. Look forward to more.

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