8 Things To NEVER Say To A Nude Model

If you are the kind of glamour apprentice we teach here, then you should never be telling a nude model these things.

Also remember tone and word choice can make a big difference.

1. There’s nothing wrong with porn.

Glamour or fine art nude photography is not porn. Its primary purpose isn’t to get the viewer turned on. It is to celebrate the human form. To capture and honor female beauty. Models know the difference and – unless you select for porn models – don’t want to do porn. They want class and elegance. So don’t try to convince them its OK to shoot porn.

2. Spread your legs a little wider.

See #1. Shooting genitalia isn’t part of this kind of photography. Making suggestions obviously intended to let you get a crotch shot aren’t going to play.

3. Don’t you own a razor?

It is fashionable now a days for women to shave their pubic area and even if it is your preference, you don’t get to demand it. Many fine art shooters consider a bare pubic area sexual and don’t want it in their photography. Since these guys are the one most likely to pay to shoot a profession nude model, models often keep it long. They also do this to avoid the possibility of #2.

4. I only take pictures so I can look at pussies.

If you are a glamour apprentice shooter this statement better not be true. If it is, just go to a all nude strip club.

5. My boobs are bigger than yours!

To keep a model happy and producing good work you need to avoid pointing out her flaws. Yes, you see her breast size and you may need to compensate by moving her chest closer to the camera, but you don’t need to tell her about it.

Remember what I said about tone?

6. You look better with your clothes on.

People say the meanest things to models. It’s crazy. Be nice. If she really looks better with her clothes on, then have her put her clothes on. You are shooting for a quality image.

7. My wife doesn’t understand me, but I think you would.

Making a pass at a naked model, and even the clothed ones for that matter, is not a good way to keep them happy. This statement moves your creep factor to an 20 on a 1 to 10 scale.

8. If you’d feel more comfortable I can take my clothes off too.

This actually happen to a model I know. She was shooting with a photographer who’s studio was in an office building. She’s nude, with her clothes near the shooting area. The photographer said the above line and then proceeded to do so. The second his pants hit the floor, she grabbed hers and was out the door, not stopping to get dressed until she was around the corner and down the hall.

In the internet modeling scene there is the concept of a GWC, a Guy With A Camera. These are people who #4 is their motivation and you don’t want to be one of those guys.

5 thoughts on “8 Things To NEVER Say To A Nude Model”

  1. Good list. I violated all but 5 and 7 when I had my my wife model for me. Even married, she was not happy with the remarks, but the sessions turned out well after my jaw stopped hurting 😉

    Now Babe Kennedy… If I were to hire her, I would have to just spend hours and hours shooting her awesome eyes. She is well built, but I would not care – if I paid for a nude model and she came in a bhurka – as long as I could see those smoldering ice blue eyes.

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