Carol Alt On Photographers

A buddy listened to the interview with Valerie Whitaker and was reminded of an article he read in Playboy (Dec 2008) with supermodel Carol Alt. He brought in the magazine so I could read the article. I mean that’s all we men get Playboy for right?

A big point of the article was eating raw food, and that was shown off by Carol’s 48 year old body that looks better than most 20 year olds. Maybe nothing but raw isn’t such a bad idea.

While a nude model is a good reason for me to blog, I’m not violating Playboy’s copyrights by posting a picture, and raw food isn’t the focus of this blog. Instead, I wanted to give you a few quotes from the article related to being a photographer of models.

Alt has worked with the greatest photographers of her era, but she doesn’t really have a favorite. “It’s easy to say that Horst was fabulous or that Irving Penn was amazing or that being in Patrick Demarchelier’s studio was wonderful. But what I like is a photographer who loves what he does. When that kind of person gets behind the camera, he is completely transformed because he loves his work. And it’s the same with any man. If he loves what he’s doing, the average joe becomes gorgeous. that’s how you get those situations when you see a beautiful woman and an average guy and you ask, ‘How did he get her?'”

Having a passion for what you do is very important. I touched on it when I told the story of how I got started with glamour and model photography in the aptly named “An Art I Can Do”.

One of the reasons I started Glamour Apprentice was to help those photographers who like photography, but would be passionate about creating beautiful images of women. To take it from just taking pictures to creating art. When you do that you are doing what Carol is talking about.

“People can look in your eyes and see if you are telling the truth. I always wanted people to look at my pictures and know I was enjoying myself.”

Dead eyes. In the same issue of Playboy there are twins as Ms. December. And they have dead eyes. I guess when you are looking for perfect, beautiful twins, you don’t have to have experience. But I like Alt’s idea better. Find a model that shows she’s enjoying herself. Oh and you have to make sure she’s enjoying herself.