Pinup Eras – Psychedelic 60’s

Now that you can see the wall alot more, let me explain the background lighting. There are two gridded light behind her. One left and gelled blue and one right and gelled red. The grids keep them from overlapping too much and you get a two tone color.

An important thing in pinup is to watch the details. Well another of my partners did product photography for a “dancewear” – and we ain’t talking ballet – company. That’s where the purple pants come from. While free love was all the rage, I’m not sure see through pants were.

I don’t think her panties are era either. But while no panties might be hippie, I think there would be another fashion that Bella is more modern in to mess up the detail.

Model: Bella Reign

Pinup Eras Psychedelic 60's
Pinup Eras Psychedelic 60's