Article Delayed But Images

I try to always have an informative article posted on Mondays to the blog, but this weekend I was just too busy. I had two shoots, and I wasn’t done with retouching on the two before that. So I didn’t get an article written.

But to show it was worth it, I’m doing something I rarely do and letting you see some unretouched images. Only on the blog, and they will probably disappear will the retouched ones are available.

These are the last three models I shot with. First from weekend before this one, the wonderful and talented Kimberly Boenker doing pinup.

Then we have Ashley Warnken in the green top and the belly dancer body shot and lastly Cherise.

Straight out of the camera. And I think they are worth waiting on an article for and waiting for the retouches of the shoots. Don’t you?