Pros and Cons of Modeling Sites: One Model Place

This is a continuation of my post from last Monday on the Pros and Cons of Modeling Sites: Model Mayhem.

This week I’m going to talk about the other site I consider one of the biggest. One Model Place. OMP is the old man of the modeling sites, they may even have invented it. Because of that they have a huge number of profiles, which is what you want in any modeling site.


They ask what model’s shoot. On every profile, both model and photographer there is a list of genre’s and you or a model can check which ones you want to shoot. Since this is the biggest reason not to shoot with a model – or for a model to shoot with a photographer – it is good the site asks for it and displays it.

Search by shoot type Not only can you see it, but you can also search based on shoot genres. Looking for a model for a swimsuit shoot? Then search only for those who will do swimsuit.

Fast OMP is never down and never slow. Which normally wouldn’t be a plus or a minus, but what you expect from a web site. But since MM has so many problems with this, I thought it needed to be mentioned.

Showcase Gallery You can get inspiration from some of the best model photography out there by looking at OMP’s showcase galleries. It is very hard to showcase – except right after you renew your membership 🙂 – because the quality of the work is so high.


Screwy link policy Somewhere back in the history off internet model photography, related sites got into a pissing contest. As a result they blocked links from their site to other sites. So now when you put a link in your profile text, it is often removed by OMP. Since links are the lifeblood of the internet, this seems a petty policy.

Poor UI OMP used to have a decent UI. There were a few things I didn’t like, but they went crazy with a redesign and made it much much worse. They made the classic programmer mistake of thinking adding features makes it better. They added a bunch of feature – IMHO mostly to match MM – and just crammed them on to the page. The useful ones, like picture comments, are hard to find and the stupid ones, like blogs, are too obvious. You also spend a long time looking through menus to find stuff.

Opens too many windows Another UI badness it they open a new window for about everything. Do a search? New window for the results. Click from one profile to another? New window. Really?

Pro or Con: Depends on your POV

These last two are a pro or a con depending on how you feel about them.

Photo Protection. Listen people, you put your image on the internet and people can download it to their machines. If that bothers you then don’t put you images on the internet.

Yes, occasionally people will steal your images, they will print low res versions on put them on their walls, they will put them on their blogs and websites. No one with enough money to pay for your images is going to do this because the consequences are too high.

OMP tries to keep this from happening. All they succeed in doing to messing up the user’s flow by putting up a dialog if you accidentally click on an image.

Obviously I consider this a con.

Porn? One complaint I hear from models about OMP, and agency people who hate internet modeling, is OMP has porn stars on it. Some models, won’t even have an OMP profile because there are adult performers on it.

The big problem isn’t that there are adult performers on it, they are on MM too. The big problem is when OMP asks for what you shoot, it includes Erotic Nude, Adult Nude, and Adult Performer. They make it public and searchable.

I’m pretty sure they don’t allow images in these genre’s to be part of your portfolio. There certainly is a lot more pornographic images on Flickr than on either of the modeling sites.

I consider this more a pro than a con, because it gives me more information about a model, but I really don’t care because I don’t shoot porn.


I don’t use OMP as much as I used to because it doesn’t seem to get as many new models as MM, but I like OMP. It kind of grows on you despite its eccentricities, like a crotchety uncle.

Given its reach, I think you need to have a profile there.

Ron Davis’s OMP Profile

So, what do you think about One Model Place? Do you use it? Put a link to your profile there in the comments.