Help Me Name My Podcast

The podcast is a go. I will be doing it with a model co-host and I’m going to tell you all about it in the next few days.

We’re recording our first official interview in the next few days and it would be really great to know what we were going to call this thing. I’m struggling with artistic desires verses marketing and SEO necessities.

I want your input. Which of these names would you be most likely to listen to?

  • The Photographer & Model Podcast
  • The Model Photography Podcast.
  • Shooting Beauty Podcast.
  • Photography and Modeling Podcast.
  • The Glamour Apprentice Podcast.

If you want a feel for what the show will be like, check out my previous post about starting a model photography podcast.

Put your answers in the comments or make a suggestion for something else.

9 thoughts on “Help Me Name My Podcast”

  1. In terms of improving SEO I wouldn’t go with anything like Glamour cast or specifically any type of photogrpahy. This will only limit your SEO reach.

    When thinking about SEO you want your main name to be most common search term used for what your trying to acheive but in as little words as possible. E.g. if your go with GlamourCast and use the domain you will pop up at top of search engines real quick for those two key words when they are combined.

    To go for a wider audience you can set it up using two different approaches which i think would work for you.

    One is to have a descripttive Headliner and a ‘mission statement’ / ‘tag line’ underneath pitching what its aiming for E.g.

    Model Photography Podcast – ‘Finding the fun in photography’
    Inside a Models Mind – ‘A Podcast of interviews with models who enjoy the model industry’

    The first one is a lot more detailed in the title and would be better indexed by search engines if that was also to be your header on the website/podcast and domain name. Whilst the rest is for user friendly marketing.

    The second would be better towards first impressions cause the title is more of a marketing message, but then it has a detailed description immediately after it to explain what it is about so its not confusing to search engines.

    Hope that makes sense, i dont make a habit of trying to explain SEO all time but tutorials you did were helpful so returning favour if that helps 🙂


  2. Thanks to all of you who have suggested names and given me feedback.

    Geo, put into words what holds me back from something like “Glamcast”. It’s just real important to have keywords in the title. I think I’ll probably end up with a long title, that can be thought of as short. I know that sounds confusing, but it will make sense.

    I also understand about making the podcast the same as the website. Thing is, GA may have more than one podcast. Also Glamour Apprentice is not what I would have chosen if I’d been thinking of SEO. But there were reasons at the time and I don’t want to try rebranding now.

    I’m being real transparent here because I want you to understand if I don’t pick something y’all suggested. Plus that’s just part of GA’s DNA. I don’t claim to be the most successful model photographer ever, I just share my experience from doing this specific kind of photography for few years now, and I hope y’all learn from it.

  3. Hey Ron,

    So who is the audience you are going for with the podcast? Are you targetting the models or young apprentice photographers?

    I wouldn’t go for a too long a title, otherwise you won’t get a very good indexing in search engines. My expereince has taught it’s good to aim for a specific keyword group and target my content around that. With larger search engines you’ll find that if you have a group of highly rated words/phrases on your website they will automatically use what they call a ‘natural english word association’ type dictionary. Basically if you go with something to the point and descriptive as “A Model Photography Podcast for Developing Photographers”. Then you in your podcast you use relatvei language to the title you’ll become strongly listed around the words Model, Photography, Podcast, Developing and Photographers. However the natural english engine will automatically list under other words that are considered relative to these words when grouped together. E.g. this could also list you under Studio cause i would assume studio is directly related to all of the above.

    Hope that helps with the bearing in selecting the right name for Podcast.


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