The Photographer And Model Podcast Manifesto

UPDATE: On Sept 1, 2009 the podcast’s name was changed to the Photographer and Model Podcast.

Everything must serve the Art first.

What this show is about:

Art – The podcast is a three way discussion between the hosts, the interviewees, and the audience on how to do the art of model photography.  

Relationship – What makes a good model photography team? How do they work together? What do they look for in each other? 

Creative Process – The nuts and bolts of creating your portfolio. How do you find people to shoot with? How do you plan and arrange shoots? What are the struggles, obstacles, rewards, and glamour of the process?

Creativity – How do we as artists continue to create now a better work? What is our ultimate goal and ambition?

Diversity – There is something to be learned from all forms of people photography. We won’t shy away from a photographer or a model because they do nudes, or fetish, or religious photography.

Experience - All levels of experience. We aren’t just looking at the big time models and photograpers, but artists from every level. There will be interviews of models who’ve only had one shoot, to models who have been shooting for years. Same for photographers. We want to understand everyone’s experience.

What it is NOT about:

Gear - There will only be discussions of gear the context of how they serve the art. You can talk about how using lens X gave you super DOF which made and image really cool. But we won’t talk about newly released camera or have a gear pick. We won’t ask if guests shoot Nikon or Canon.

Bread and Butter Photography – Weddings, family portraits, senior portraits. They can learn from us, but they aren’t the focus of this podcast.