Ep -2:Model Valerie Whitaker

Model Valerie Whitaker
Model Valerie Whitaker
This episode is something of a practice run, hence the negative two episode number. The interview was actually recorded in 2008 on video. At the time I knew I wanted to do a podcast, but not exactly the tone, theme, or focus. There is a lot of good information and interesting stories in this discussion with Valerie Whitaker, so I wanted to share it with you.

Another reasons this is a practice podcast is the audio quality. It was recorded on video with only Valerie miced with a lapel mic. Going forward quality will increase, I promise.

Also my co-host Shawna Rencher wasn’t part of the process.

You can find images and video of Valerie on the Glamour Apprentice.com blog. The intro music was provided by podsafe music network. The song is called Point Break, by 42 shades of gray, which I thought sounded like a great band for a photography podcast. Especially one where I interview a fine art model that I shot a lot in black and white.

You can see more of Valerie here on the blog, or at her OMP profile.

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  1. I very much enjoy your podcasts, they are informative and are helping me adjust from a pre production darkroom photographer to the digital post production artist

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