My Goth Swimsuit Calendar

I mentioned last week when talking about creating interesting work that I had done a Goth Swimsuit calendar. It was shot during the summer of 2006 and was for the year 2007. Since then the website for that calendar has gone away and there really isn’t anywhere you can see the images. So I decided to post all of the images from the calendar here on Glamour Apprentice and give you some of the background behind each one.

First we start with the cover.

Goth Swimsuit Calendar Cover Image

The cover was not shot first. It was almost last. For the calendar a few models come in from out of town. There were two that were considered “headliners” for the calendar, Angela Ryan, the redhead, and Athena Fatale, the bad ass. The weekend they were going to be in town I contacted the guy who provided January’s hearse and he brought a buddy with another hearse for a “hearse car wash”. The carwash being a staple of swimsuit calendars and hearse’s being a staple of goth. Then I contacted a number of the local models to come down and shot them with the hearses. Getting the cover.

The Models from left to right:
Ankha, Ms. March,
Ivory, Ms December,
Angela Ryan, Ms. July,
Scarlett St. Vitus, Ms October,
Athena Fatale, Ms August, and
Spleen, Ms May.