Ep 11 – Model Carly O’Neil


Model Carly Erin O'Neil
Model Carly Erin O'Neil

Carly O’Neil is a New York based fashion, glamour and fine art model.

During the interview we talk about Agency/Commercial work vs. Freelance/Internet work. Body art on agency models. Agency models and nudity. “If her boob was in the picture, it was meant to be there.”

She talks about how being a model means having a presence on film, as well as being smart and strong. You really have to do it and not just kind of do.

Carly’s also a photographer and we talk about what its like making the change from in front to behind the camera. And why she chooses not to do a lot of model photography, and how it has effected her modeling.
Carly's Website Mentioned in the Podcast: Milkman - Joao Carlos - photographer and darling honey bear. He also provided the image for this podcast. Carly and Joao's blog Carly's Blog Carly's Photography Model Mayhem profile Her Commercial Model Mayhem profile: Her Nude Model Mayhem profile Her MUA Model Mayhem profile Theme music is Amy Cain by Two Star Symphony.

8 thoughts on “Ep 11 – Model Carly O’Neil”

  1. The Carly O’Neil interview sounds amazing, especially since she can talk from both a photographer’s and model’s perspective. I would ask how she senses other models feel knowing that they are being photographed by another model.

  2. This is great to listen to, reminds me of the old days hearing Scavullo talk about models,
    producers and agencies

  3. I wish to read more about the interview here. Would be interesting to know why she chooses not to do a lot of model photography, and how it has effected her modeling. I check out her website all the pictures are great.

  4. Great post! this is interesting and informative, it is an excellent interview, thanks for sharing and keep it up!

  5. perfect model with a perfect body shape. best angle for camera to capture. She has everything. A quality of a good star.

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