Ep 13.5 – Shooting Beauty Is Dead


A Shocking Change
A Shocking Change

Glamour Apprentice and The Shooting Beauty Model Photography Podcast Are Dead

Long live Photographer And Model!

Almost since Glamour Apprentice went online I’ve wanted to change the name. That’s why I didn’t name the podcast the Glamour Apprentice podcast, but instead choose Shooting Beauty. But changing the name every where is a real pain.

Well I was recently informed by another person he was “legally obligated” to tell me to stop using the name Shooting Beauty for my podcast. So I was going to have to do some rebranding, and if I’m doing it for the podcast, I might as well do it for the whole site. And unify the two.

I picked Glamour Apprentice originally because I was partnering with a guy who was primarily a glamour shooter, and I’m considered the glamour guy at my studio. The apprentice part was suppose to indicate the audience, but I’m not sure that’s how it comes off. The partnership didn’t happen and I shoot a lot more than glamour.

The other big problem with the name is the blog isn’t just about glamour, nor is the podcast. It is about all kinds of model photography, fashion, commercial, art, pinup and glamour – and anything else we find that involves photographers and models. I think the new name makes that very clear.

The website and the podcast are now called, Photographer and Model. That’s photographerandmodel.com for the website, photographerandmodel.com/blog for the blog and photographerandmodel.com/podcast for the podcast.

All the old glamour apprentice links will still work, but you might want to update any you have to say Photographer and Model. I’m not going to reedit all the podcasts either to take out the old name, though I probably will change the show notes. Going forward Shooting Beauty will not longer be referenced.

I want to thank all of your who’ve been loyal readers and listeners. It is great to hear your feedback and encouragement. Please bare with us through this transition.

There are some big new things coming up with the podcast and the site, so don’t run off yet.

And until next time, I’m Ron Davis and keep making beautiful images of beautiful models.

3 thoughts on “Ep 13.5 – Shooting Beauty Is Dead”

  1. Once again, MUAs get left out in the cold… πŸ˜‰

    There again, they make more money than the rest of us combined, they can deal.

    (j/k. Really. Don’t want an angry mob of MUAs with sharp eyebrow pencils at my studio door.)

    Good luck with the new name…

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