Ep 16 – Photog Frederick Van Johnson


Frederick Van Johnson
Frederick Van Johnson
This week we talk to host of the This Week in Photography podcast Frederick Van Johnson. We start off talking techno-lust vs art. Lot’s of discussion of style and art.

He shoots a lot of different things and we ask why he shoots models. Learn Frederick’s the 3 things that make a good model photographer.

He also has a great and unique quality a model needs to be good that surprise both Shawna and Ron. As a former denizen of the City of Angels he has a unique perspective on what models expect and what they should watch out for.

And yes I had to ask him about his philosophy of punishing pixels. Which leads to a Spiderman reference.

For the first time he reveals what he ultimately wants to do with his photography.

Frederick’s Website and blog
Twitter: @frederickvan

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