Do My Headlines Cross The Line?

Two Girls, Four Hands
Two Girls, Four Hands
Any blogging course or top 10 list of things you should do will tell you to make interesting blog titles. They are link bait. They are suppose to draw the reader in.

So yes, I do put words like topless and nude in the title to get people to click. But do I cross the line of good taste when I do it?

Give me your opinion in a comment below.

3 thoughts on “Do My Headlines Cross The Line?”

  1. Well, to be perfectly honest, I have your RSS feed classified under the “NSFW” heading in my Google Reader, but that is probably not surprising.

    That said, neither the words “topless” and “nude”, nor the pictures they describe, are intrinsically “offensive” simply by existing. As always, application is key. Additionally, interpretation by your readers of the words you use is not something you can necessarily predict, or even account for entirely… what is offensive to one person may not be so to another.

    The way I see it, your photography includes a significant amount of scantily clad and nude women, and this becomes readily apparent in a very short amount of time of looking at your work. Anyone for whom “topless” and “nude” would cross a line would probably already be headed the other direction before those words became a problem. In the end, they are just descriptors of what you do.

    … And that probably makes no sense at all :).
    .-= Linoge´s last blog the third =-.

  2. I wouldn’t call it offensive. Provocative maybe, but not offensive. Offensive would be a title like “Shooting models for Disney World” and showing us Mickey Mouse with his junk hanging out. You’re just telling us the facts.

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