Ep 21 – Model Tiffany Jackson

Tiffany Jackson, by Vincent of Def Films
Tiffany Jackson, by Vincent of Def Films
Model Tiffany Jackson explains how models set their rates and how she balances the creative vs the business. And how she’d love the be the first girl to die.

Do photographers normally have an idea what they want to shoot? Not in Tiffany’s experience.

Tiffany helps out new models and give some tips on this episode for those models. She also talks about how flakes make her life easier.

We talk about Las Vegas, where she’s from, and how the modeling scene works there. With some tips about traveling there and shoots.

How she dealt with controversy and how people blame the photographer first, even when it’s the model’s idea.

Tiffany Jackson’s MM

First Friday In Vegas

Scott Kelby

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Tiffany’s headshot by Vincent of Def Film

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  1. My feed reader is having trouble downloading the episode, so I came here to download it directly, but I don’t see a download link. Perhaps I am blind and not seeing it. Is anyone else having trouble?

  2. Boy this is the episode I most screwed up. 🙂 The RSS feed should be fixed and working now. I also added a download MP3 near the end of the post and will try to do that on all future posts.

    The broken MM link was because of a plugin that automatically changes the words Model Mayhem to a link. I made a change to the link to avoid that.

    Thanks for the heads up folks.

  3. Ron,

    Thank you, my feed reader is still having trouble with this episode, but the next episode downloaded fine. I have manually obtained this one, and look forward to it. I love the work that both of you are doing on this podcast, and I am finding it very instructive for my own developement.

    Thank you.

  4. thank you to all that have come to listen to my very first podcast !!
    if you have any questions at all feel free to message me directly on MM if possible 🙂

    Ron is a great guy & photographer & any glitches im sure will be cleaned up quickly.

    Miss Tiffany

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