Ep 25 – Model Shannon Purdy


This week we interview Model Shannon Purdy. Shannon is primarily a fine art model, who prefers to model nude. It was her unique perspective on fashion vs nude modeling. She is the wife of a photographer and has seen both sides of the model photography which gives her a perspective on what is a good model and photographer. She also talks about what it is like to shoot with your spouse. Lots of model use an alias, but Shannon doesn’t and talks about why she uses her real name.

Oh, and sorry about leaving the ceiling fan on during the recording.

Shannon Purdy’s Website

Shannon’s MM

Husband J. Wade Purdy



J. Wade Purdy

Liz Stuart

Sonya Saiz

Dion McInnis

Craig Christie Jr

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5 thoughts on “Ep 25 – Model Shannon Purdy”

  1. Great job, Shannon. In this conversation, you shared the genuiness of your views and your personality which, along with your beauty, make you the special model and woman that you are. It would be wonderful if both models and photographers truly take to heart the wisdom and insights that you shared. Blending your honest views with wonderful laughter make it clear that you are Shannon…not “just” a model. You are a pleasure to work with. Thanks for sharing yourself through this interview.

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