My Favorite Images 2009

At the end of every year I go back through all of my images and pick the 10 I liked the best. I’m going to be posting those images over the next 10 days or so.

It is an interesting exercise. Kind of like preparing a print portfolio.

You get a real feel for exactly what you shot this year. This is easier for me because I start a new Lightroom catalog every year.

Gives a feel for time as well. Images dim in your memory are better that those fresh because they were newly shot.

Another interesting aspect is these are my favorites, not my best. They are what I like, not necessarily what everyone else likes the best. In 2007 my favorite was an Alice in Wonderland image, but most people didn’t think it was worthy of being #1. This year will probably be the same. Seems people judge as much on content as anything else. My best image is my hotest model. But for me my favorite image is the the one I’m most proud of. The one that tells a cool story or has a cool story behind it.

Here is 2007’s #1 image.

Alice In Wonderlan

So over the next few days I’ll be releasing my favorites and talking a little about each image.

If any of you are doing this, post a link below and I’ll go look at them. I think it is a fun thing to do.

One thought on “My Favorite Images 2009”

  1. Oh, man. I thought I was going to get to see your 10 best/favorite. Instead it was just a teaser!

    I do appreciate your explanation of what those top 10 mean to you, because, as you know, I was not one of those who thought the Alice picture was your best. However, as which you like the best, that makes sense. I did get (and appreciate) the story behind that one.

    Hottest model does not necessarily equal best pictures though.

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