Ep 45 – The Pet Peeves Episode

There are some things that can’t be photoshopped; things like a bad attitude or a passive demeanor on set. In this episode, Ron and Shawna share some of their pet peeves. Years on the set have provided many an opportunity to make a list! Some will make you laugh, and all of them will definitely help to make you aware of what to keep an eye out for when you’re working.

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3 thoughts on “Ep 45 – The Pet Peeves Episode”

  1. The biggest Peeve I have is the way Internet modeling tries to work, and the attitude you
    have to deal with when trying to make it work. For example, I had a fashion designer I had
    worked with for years in the “old world” of agencies and supermodels. She saw a face and body on OMP and wanted to use her for a shoot and probably save the agency fees. The
    model stated in her profile she had a birthmark on her left hand, but when she showed up
    to go into make-up and wardrobe we saw the birthmark extended up past the elbow, and
    looked like a napalm burn. When she told me matteroffactly “other photographers photoshop it out”, I heard “your time isn’t worth squat”. Since then I want to preshoot every
    Internet model a client considers using. From stunning Amber Gangi who could walk right past the waiting clients who would ask me “when is the model going to arrive?” to one of
    her best friends, a fantastic nude model whose facial skin needs many hours to justify photographers not coming off as GWCs. If I know what I’m getting into I can’t complain, and as I’ve established myself to my clients I’m not going to play the blame game
    as opposed to delivering quality images.

  2. I really enjoyed that episode! very dynamic and you guys have a nice chemistry. Thanks for the hard work and sharing πŸ™‚

  3. THAT WAS AWESOME!!! There are definitely more to talk about……Is there going to be a sequel?!?!? πŸ™‚

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