Ep 46 – Photographer Bruce Smith

Photographer Bruce Smith is a first for the podcast in that he is our first “international” guest. Hailing from Liverpool, Bruce is primarily a commercial fashion photographer, and in this episode he talks to us about the importance of and practical steps to managing a fashion shoot (domestic and abroad), fashionable locations, and the photographer’s block that comes from fixating too much on planning. From Austria to Kenya to Thailand, both Bruce and this episode of P&M, are all over the map.

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Photographer Bryan Peterson

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4 thoughts on “Ep 46 – Photographer Bruce Smith”

  1. This was a great interview, Bruce really tells it like it is in the real world. Wish there were
    no audio issues, but as it is, it tells it like it is, in the big world out there besides the internet.
    Touching on equiptment for future shows could be interresting as well.

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