Ep 52 Profile Reviews

Happy Anniversary, Podcast listeners! That’s right! We have a year of podcasting under our belts. To mark the occasion, Ron and Shawna decided to review one another’s Model Mayhem profiles. Will this be the end of the podcast? Will they slice eachothers’ profiles to ribbons? More importantly, will Ron get punched in the nose? Stay tuned to find out! Oh, and you might also learn some handy information on how you can better your own Model Mayhem profile.


Shawna’s Model Mayhem Profile

Ron Davis’ Model Mayhem Profile

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Ep 8 – Model Ellen Marisa

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2 thoughts on “Ep 52 Profile Reviews”

  1. John we are talking about doing portfolio reviews of listeners in the future. They are a lot more labor intensive, so it will be limited to how often we do them.

    I’ll keep you in mind when we start.


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