Ep 65 – Building a Team

Every successful photo shoot requires a strong team, but in order to put together a strong team, you have to know what key roles need to be filled and how to get your team to do what needs to be done. Want to know more? Listen in and let Ron and Shawna tell you how to “cast and direct” your photo shoot.

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2 thoughts on “Ep 65 – Building a Team”

  1. Great episode, would this team building is based on a permanent basis or just one a single production shoot? Does it matter if the team building you’ve mentioned is for freelancers and hired employees? (might be a better way in asking that question)

    For most of your shoots Ron how many people are involved generally? Do you prefer a big or small team, or do you prefer to take most of the roles as possible? (i.e. Photographer assistants)

  2. In most cases there is an MUA at the beginning, and a assistant – usually my wife – during the shoot. But sometimes it is just me and the model, though that tends to only be with experienced models I trust to do their own makeup – which are few – or ones I’ve shot with before.

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