Ep 68 – Photographer Dean Karr

A man that dives with great white sharks is serious business. A man that films footage of his dives with great white sharks and puts it in a music video for the Deftones is a real rock ‘n’ rolla! Photographer Dean Karr is well known for directing music videos of some of the most prominent rock bands, and you have almost certainly seen some of his photos of said rockers. But what kind of a creative process goes into such a venture? In this episode, we muse over incorporating your hobbies into shoots, one of the coolest comic illustrators ever, and Dean’s most controversial album art.

Dean’s Website

Lemonaide Media


Deftones – “My Own Summer” Music Video

Al Giddings Shark Footage

Dave Matthews Band – “Don’t Drink the Water” Music Video

Dave Matthews Band – “Crash Into Me” Music Video

Photographer Joel Peter-Witkin

Photographer Jan Saudek

Illustrator Dave McKean

Photographer Howard Schatz

Merry Karnowsky Gallery

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