Ep 71 – Photographer Mark Bradley

Not fashion or glamour but flamour! Photographer Mark Bradley has a knack for making fashion and editorial sexy, and in this episode he tells us how to get those “good to the last drop” images. Next time you’re planning a shoot, take some advice from Mark and start with an emotion because you never know where it will take you: your next great photo or maybe even your most controversial.

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Photographer Dan McCarty

Photographer Jamie Harbour

Model Liz Ashley


“Good to the Last Drop”

The Photo Binders

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Photographer Razor Fist

Lithium Picnic Studios

Model Isobel Wren

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2 thoughts on “Ep 71 – Photographer Mark Bradley”

  1. Mark is awesomely talented. We were excited to see him on here. Great job Mark and Ron;

    Didn’t know you did this, loved to market it out for you.


  2. Wish I had known Mark was coming on. You could have asked him about accidentally ending up in doing a shoot in my cornfield thinking it was someone else’s place. Good times!

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