Ep 76 – Model Hex Hypoxia

Model Hex Hypoxia is unique in a lot of ways. She sports a 22″ to 41″ waist to hip ratio, is clinically allergic to sunlight (she warns that you should not ask her if she sparkles), and has posed with a dead octopus. After reading that you might say that Hex is the alternative-alternative model. Intrigued? Then plug in an indulge in something delightfully different.

Hex on Model Mayhem

Hex on Zivity


Dark Shower Image

Tabatha Jacobs

Hassan Hilliard

Rabid Girl Scout

Mark Bradley

Justin Kates

Billy Jarrell

Cordial Lee


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2 thoughts on “Ep 76 – Model Hex Hypoxia”

  1. Hex Hypoxia is a unique talent who brings depth to all of her shoots. Added to that is her remarkable figure – like a comic book dream girl come to life – micro-waist and awesome hips! She is someone worth keeping an eye on! It was great to hear her speak her mind – she is talented and intelligent and a joy to listen to!

  2. alternative-alternative model…i like that description. very appropriate. over a decade ago, the evolution of modeling began to popularize the images of “alternative” models. so now…fast forward, and tattoos, scars, piercings and colored hair is no longer the alternative, it is a standard. to stand out and be unique takes something special…and hex hypoxia has that quality. she brings a delicate delirium to her work…it’s sometimes off-putting…sometimes creepy and frightening…but always powerful. each shoot , she comes through the camera lens and forces you to take notice of her powerful grace.

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