Ep 79 – Photographer Raffael Dickreuter

Just like still photographers, filmmakers need to know what they are going to shoot and how they are going to shoot it BEFORE the shoot itself. That is when you call in a guy like photographer and previs artist Raffael Dickreuter. Ask Raffael and he will tell you that photography is all about telling stories, and he is a firm believer that everyone has a story to tell. From Iron Man to a couple on a park bench to models on Model Mayhem, this episode is full of stories that Raffael has captured.

Raffael’s Website

Raffael on Model Mayhem


Photographer James Nachtwey

Film about James Nachtwey – “War Photographer”

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One thought on “Ep 79 – Photographer Raffael Dickreuter”

  1. I agree with Raffael sooo much, I love story photography, I love a photo telling a great story easily and memorable. Hence is what inspired me into photography from admiring Calvin Klein advertisements because its captured with the story perfectly well and authentic to sell the product being advertised.

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