Ep 80 – Self Portrait Artist Max Xandaux

The title of Max Xandaux’s music video, “Chameleon,” is an appropriate place to start with this self portrait artist and performing artist. While models and photographers often talk about creating characters or personalities as a mental frame of reference for photos, Max takes it to the next level and physically creates characters for his work. In this episode, we talk collaboration, team diversity and how far personality creation can go.

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“Chameleon” music video

Andy Warhol


Shawna on Youtube

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One thought on “Ep 80 – Self Portrait Artist Max Xandaux”

  1. Love the episode, I love learning more about the fine art and very creative artists such as Max. Which also motivates me even more to always work on my fine art work for me and people like or not, don’t care, it’ll be a side thing and just for a self-fulfillment. Thx Ron and Shawna!

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