Ep 86 – Why Do Models Flake?

This week, Ron and Shawna ask and speculate at the Million Dollar Question: Why do models flake?
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3 thoughts on “Ep 86 – Why Do Models Flake?”

  1. You should look at TFP/CD in a different light, that of INVESTMENT. I generally try to find new faces for some of my commercial clients. Before ModelMayhem it was who you bumped into
    at the supermarket, or that woman who hired me for some “private” work. In both cases, there
    were no surprises, what you saw was what you got. The Internet has changed all that, a model posts her best pics, some the result of hours of “post production” (photo shop) and until
    she gets in front of your lens, you wouldn’t know that. So I use TFP/CD to ad to my post-production experiences, or maintain my credibility to my clients.

  2. Hey Ron what’s your MM profile page?

    Also about this episode of the podcast, I’m very new and I’m trying to build a portfolio and learn at the same time, but finding any model (I have tried friends and family-family live too far) willing to work with an inexperienced photographer has been near to impossible for me at least in the geographic area I’m in right now, and for TF shoots. What would you recommend? I also have a youtube video relating to this question at – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pv3Q0x8Gg78

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