Ep 92 – What Does TFP really cost?

They say the best things in life are free, but does that include TFP? Well, perhaps not if you consider that TFP does not equal “FREE.” Ask any photographer or model and they will tell you that each party makes an investment, but how is that investment quantified? Leave it to Ron and Shawna to enlighten you!

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5 thoughts on “Ep 92 – What Does TFP really cost?”

  1. Dear Shawna
    Dear Ron
    I am a new model photographer back in Switzerland listening to your podcast for a while.
    This is great! Especially those information about the models expectations, concerns and motivations are realy helpfull for me to understand how to deal with models.
    It’s very motiviating for me and I am glad I found your show on the web.

    Keep doing what you do.
    With best Regards

  2. You guys didn’t talk about the print costs? I thought TFP was Trade For Print? Isn’t some prints from certain print labs cost dramatically different from lab to lab?

  3. Chris, you’re right we didn’t mention print costs. I offer my models a print if they want one, but have only had 3 or 4 who have taken me up on it. Mostly they just want the digital ones.

    Yeah, print costs can vary, especially if you don’t print them yourself, a lot and make a big difference in the cost of shoot.

  4. I tell them I will give them a print, just none of them ask for it. Here’s what it says in my standard contact email.

    What you will receive from me:
    * At least 2 hours of studio time
    * 10 retouched images, formatted for the web – 72 dpi, 700px on the long side.
    * 1 portfolio sized print (11×14, or 9×12) of your choice. Should you want more to develop a print book, I’ll make them for you at my costs.
    * You will NOT receive all of the images (RAW or retouched) from the shoot.

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