Ep 100 Past and Future

Episode 100 of the Photographer and Model Podcast.

We made a short film to commemorate that special number. Sword fights and mutants, what more could you ask for?


5 thoughts on “Ep 100 Past and Future”

  1. I’m a photog in Kansas City and I love what you two do. I have listened to all 100of the podcasts, while driving and I hope there will be at least 200 more.

  2. great video, but I thought a Q&A with the readers/listeners on here would have been an awesome idea and on a live show (also recorded to show for later). I know I got tons of questions for both you guys (Ron and Shawna)

  3. Episode 100 was really lame. Sorry to say… but you DID get me to watch. (I started Episode 99, then jumped to 100 to see it).

    Coming right off watching, I don’t recall a “call to action.” — maybe it was too short? I suggest you consider each podcast is reaching someone new as their first time here…

  4. I find the Photographer & Model website and podcast of great value. You guys offer an inside look at model photography from a lot of different perspectives. But after watching Episode 100, I have to say in all sincerity, you guys ROCK! Bravo Ron and Shawna! The underlying message of your show is be serious about photography, but have FUN doing it.

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