Ep 103 – Photographer Bucket

When you are starting out as a model photographer, it helps to photograph the people you know. If those people just happen to be really interesting to look at, all the better. In this episode, super-talented photographer Bucket tells us about shooting in the alt scene, why bigger is better, and how style and wisdom are linked.

Bucket’s website


Phantom Orchid

Silent View Photography

Photographer Chad Michael Ward

Model Krystyn Lea

Model Kaia Bellanca

Model Hattie Watson

2 thoughts on “Ep 103 – Photographer Bucket”

  1. I plan to be a commercial photographer working with models (for a profession) which I may or may not love and it’s not meant to be art cause its meant to fulfill the clients demands which I know and understand. But to fulfill my artistic side in my model photography I would still do fine art work in fine art nudes and fine art story telling (just for fun too) and maybe sell a piece if it comes my way. I totally understand you Ron and Bucket about not being into the whole doing it for a profession or money cause it will make you hate it, but just having a side gig/pet projects to keep that fulfillment of loving to do it would still keep me happy personally and still do it professionally. Again thanks Ron and Shawns for a great episode!

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