Ep 104 – The End of Season Two

Photographer and Model stepped up the podcast with Season Two. Aside from the usual exciting interviews, we brought you more special episodes, an epic 100th show, and a ton of surprise tidbits. Now we are sure you are asking, “Where could Photographer and Model possibly go from here in Season Three?” Episode 104 has your answer!

2 thoughts on “Ep 104 – The End of Season Two”

  1. Cause ya’all asked for listener questions… how about having a guest on to talk about the business and marketing side of being a photographer or model?

    Do you two have day-jobs and you just do this for fun and maybe, as David Ziser puts it, “for beer money”? Or is being a photographer/model your primary profession? How’d you get started in the field [semi-]professionally?

  2. Question… Do you Shawn & Ron, have any favorite youtube channels you watch a lot? (preferable that relates to photography)

    *I would love to know more about film making because I want to be a film director (for television shows, not soo much movies) using a DSLR.

    *Thanks Ron for making that comments about me going back to episode 1 and commenting on them lolz… 😉

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