Ep 106 – Photographer Larry Munne

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This week’s guest is pinup photographer Larry Munne, a long time fan of the podcast and instructor of photography. We have had pinup photographers on the show before (one excellent example being Robert Alvarado), but Larry is not just a rehash of pinup talk. We had an awesome time discussing fashion concepts for weddings, model theatrics, and why you might not want to take photos full time. If that were not enough, we even talk Weiner…and why his shenanigans raise a bigger question: will the photos you post in your model photography ventures come back to haunt you? Check it out.

Larry Munne’s Website

Larry on Model Mayhem

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4 thoughts on “Ep 106 – Photographer Larry Munne”

  1. The music reference I was thinking about was Neil Young’s “My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)” but I did think of the Highlander reference as well.

    Your photos will come back and bite you. There was a semi-pro photographer that I was acquainted with that was told (off the record) that it might be better to seek employment elsewhere because he was going to see any more promotions. It seems his employers had found out his carefully separated and isolated alter-ego nude/glamour web site.

    Liking the 3rd series. Smoother and like sitting in with a couple of friends.

    Thanks for the ‘casts.

  2. Hey, I’m newbie here also I’ve checked mister Munne’s website and I can say I’m pretty impressed, the photographs are very high quality and very professional also good taste @ models 😛


  3. Love the podcast and the new format. Just wondering why you have to announce that you are going to do the interview or answer viewer questions. Why not just do it. I think we will know.

  4. We’re still working it out. There was some thought we’d have something clear to break up the pieces.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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