Ep 107 – Designers SINched

You have questions; Ron and Shawna have answers! Photographer and Model is your one stop shop for everything model photography.

Models and photographers are not the only ones with unique tales from
the set. Designers SINched have stiched together some strange and very
cool stories for us in this episode. Plus, they were kind enough to
offer their insight on how they select models and photographers to
showcase their products. Speaking of SINched products, their designs,
and this week’s discussion, are not limited to corsets. We talk kevlar
and historical costuming, just to give you an idea. Check it out!

SINched website

SINched on Model Mayhem


Model Spleen

Model Titania Lyn

Model Kristin Lee

Model Apnea

Photographer Bucket

Blind Monkey Studios

Photographer Vara Papas

One thought on “Ep 107 – Designers SINched”

  1. Great podcast guys. When it comes to photography you know your stuff.

    I don’t what to a nitpicker or anything but I think someone should mention that arsenic is not a vegetable, it’s a metallic chemical element, number 33 on the periodic table. It may, however, sometimes be found in vegetables. I would avoid those if possible.

    Love the podcast anyway.

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