Ep 108 – Travel Shooting

This week, Ron & Shawna discuss how to plan for a shoot when traveling for pleasure or for work. Good advice to make certain that when on location, in an unfamiliar place, you can still create beautiful images of beautiful models.

6 thoughts on “Ep 108 – Travel Shooting”

  1. When does it say “FIle Not Found” I can click the player and it plays and I can click the download link and it downloads.

  2. Awww thanks Ron and Shawna for a another great show and having my question on the show! But I kind of did intend to make my profile picture look scary, or have a dark tone to it. But primarily because my natural physical appearance has slated toward that direction, and it’s honestly slowing down my success in model photography unfortunately. I’m trying to get as many referrals as I can to make my psychical appearance not slow my model pool down.

    Again thank you soooo soo much both Ron and Shawna for taking my question, as you guys should know I’ve sent many others so I’m sure I don’t have to re-send them… 😉

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