Ep 109 – Photographer Oleg Volk

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When you interview models and photographers every week, you hear all
kinds of reasons for why they became involved in model photography.
Never before this episode, however, had we heard “concern for the
direction of American politics” as one of those reasons. Allow us to
introduce photographer Oleg Volk. He is one of those photographers
that can use the verb “shoot” in a variety of contexts. If you browse
firearm catalogues and publications, chances are you have seen some of
his work. In this episode we shoot the breeze with Oleg, and amongst
other things, he tells us what it is like to train models to handle a

Oleg’s website


4 thoughts on “Ep 109 – Photographer Oleg Volk”

  1. Great interview with Oleg Volk, a man after my own heart. Should you want to hear your work critiqued, join the Photographic Society of America and enter some of their competitions, try some international salons, pay to enter Salamagundee and see if you bring home the $10,000.00 first prize in their anual competition. Check out my stuff and see why I loved this interview with Mr. Volk

  2. Oleg is a true professional,a gentleman,a scholar and,I’m proud to say,my friend.I have worked with him as a model & firearms instructor and am pleased to note his concern with firearms safety,willingness to teach both his photographic and shooting skills,and his courtsey. Models who wish to learn how to really shoot and pose with weapons would do very well to contact and work with Oleg:I have never seen him treat a model as a ‘piece of meat’ or belittle anyone’s inexperience either as a model or with firearms.

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