Ep 110 – Photographer Mike Wilson

You have questions; Ron and Shawna have answers! Photographer and Model is your one stop shop for everything model photography.

Sometimes photographers bring really cool ideas or props to the table. Photographer Mike Wilson is probably the only guy who has brought something from 30,000 leagues to the table, though. He also had some interesting perspectives on this week’s listener question which, without surprise, Ron was able to relate to firearms. Check out this awesome interview with “The Nowhere Man.”

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Michelle Green

Larry Grant

Kenzie Stevens

2 thoughts on “Ep 110 – Photographer Mike Wilson”

  1. I love the “What is Art?” question… 🙂

    I agree with you Ron, Film is dead, but in fine art its okay to use film because you’re normally the one in control and don’t need worry about clients.

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