Focus – Decide Where They Look

Locked and Loaded
The power of being the photographer is you decided what the viewer sees. No matter what else is going on on set, no matter how big or small your shooting space is, no matter if your model is tall or short, or any of 100 other little weaknesses of reality, as the photographer you control the frame. You get to pick what the viewer does and doesn’t see.

You need to be thinking “What do I want the viewer to focus on?” as you are creating an image. Once you know this, you can use many different techniques to pull the viewer where you want them to go.

If you don’t know what you want them to look at you’re betting on chance to create a great image.

Focus is actually one of the tools you can use to get the viewer to look where you want. I like to think of focus as the parts of the image that are fuzzy verses the parts that aren’t. Guess what the viewer looks at? The sharp parts.

You can also use composition – where you put various things in the image – to focus the viewer.

I’m going to write a number of articles about various tools you can use when creating a great image over the next thirty days, but you need to first know what you want.

Yes, having a hot chick on a white background is easy, but it isn’t great. Lots of people will like such an image, but they are liking it because of the subject, not because of the photography. We need to take it to the next level and make it about a hot chick in a cool setting, with quality craftsmanship.