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Ep 85 – Photographer Dan McCarty

Are you telling your camera what to do, or is your camera telling you what to do? For photographer Dan McCarty, the difference is key. Dan also gives us some great advice on recognizing and capturing beauty and tells us why a great model needs confidence AND self-awareness. Plus, if that were not enough, Shawna says what might be the geekiest thing said yet on the show!

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Ep 84 – Photographer Dave Ward

When photographer Dave Ward described the “combination of essential elements” and the “process of putting it together,” it sounded more like chemistry than photography, but then again, who is to say that model photography is not as much science as it is art? In this episode, Dave tells us all about The Art and The Craft that is photography and the science behind directing new models.

Photographer Dave Ward

Photographer Barry Druxman

Photographer Robert Christopher

Model Briauna Mariah

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Ep 83 – Photographer Joseph Corsentino

Photoshop is much like The Force; we have all seen it used for good and “evil” (or at least really cheesy photos). Sometimes it can be just too easy for a photographer to cross over to the Dark Side. Joseph Corsentino, on the other hand, is a jedi amongst photographers. He is not just creating interesting photos, he is creating new worlds. In this episode, Joseph tells us about the urban fantasy that is Time of the Faeries and how he turns models into characters.

Time of the Faeries


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Ep 82 – Photographer Holly Randall

Second generation photographers are not all that common. Second generation erotic photographers? Seemingly nonexistent until we spoke with photographer Holly Randall. In this episode, Holly tells us what it was growing up with photography, how she matches locations with personalities, and how not to be a creep.

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Ep 81 – The Christmas Special

Ron and Shawna began the year shooting together and ended it the same way. It does not end there either. The year has been full of all kinds of podcast goodness, fun photo shoots and cool projects for both of your hosts, and in this episode they talk a little about said goodies and where they would like to go next. Enjoy another episode of Photographer and Model that is both merry and bright! Merry Christmas from Ron and Shawna!


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Ep 80 – Self Portrait Artist Max Xandaux

The title of Max Xandaux’s music video, “Chameleon,” is an appropriate place to start with this self portrait artist and performing artist. While models and photographers often talk about creating characters or personalities as a mental frame of reference for photos, Max takes it to the next level and physically creates characters for his work. In this episode, we talk collaboration, team diversity and how far personality creation can go.

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Ep 79 – Photographer Raffael Dickreuter

Just like still photographers, filmmakers need to know what they are going to shoot and how they are going to shoot it BEFORE the shoot itself. That is when you call in a guy like photographer and previs artist Raffael Dickreuter. Ask Raffael and he will tell you that photography is all about telling stories, and he is a firm believer that everyone has a story to tell. From Iron Man to a couple on a park bench to models on Model Mayhem, this episode is full of stories that Raffael has captured.

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Photographer James Nachtwey

Film about James Nachtwey – “War Photographer”

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Ep 78 – What We Look For

In the jungle that is cyberspace, tangles of model and photographer profiles abound like so much tropical foliage. So when Ron and Shawna are casting and/or accepting projects (navigating the jungle, if you will), how do they know what profiles to hack through and which are the keepers? In this episode, we give you a glimpse of what we look for in portfolios, profiles, personalities and the potential collaborators they represent. Think you would make the cut? Listen in, and then take what you have learned and do some exploring of your own!

Shawna on Model Mayhem

Ron on Model Mayhem

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Ep 77 – Photographer Toria Best

Not all zombies look like they just crawled out of a grave. In the case of Blu Zombie, the accessory line created by photographer and designer Toria Best, charming toppers and fascinators abound. Do not be fooled; this episode is not all about fashion design. It is about posing, creativity and even the “Seven Deadly Sins!”

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