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Ep 34 – Model Joy Trimble

If you think looking “dirty and sweaty” in a photograph sounds bad, you haven’t seen fitness model Joy Trimble’s photos. From the nutrition and workout routines she uses to prepare for a shoot to her creepiest experience with a photographer, in this interview, Joy flexes the muscle of an experienced model.


Episode 5 – Photographer Tracy Hicks



Model Savanna Brooke

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Ep 33 – Photographer Andy Silvers

Look through Andy Silvers’ portfolio and you might think that you’ve tumbled down the rabbit hole. In this episode, design photographer Andy Silvers tells us all about how he blends graphic design and photography to tell a story with each picture; which as it turns out, is just as much technical as it is creating characters. So plug in and listen to Andy’s tales of robots, wolves and pinups. Oh my!


Andy’s Website

Robot Parts Image

Big Eye Image

Model Katie

Model Christine Rene

Makeup Artist Christine Geiger

Multiplicity Image

Episode 1 – Bob Warren

Wolf Image

Episode 12 – Robert Alvarado


Dawn/House of Ego

Kari G

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Ep 32 – Model Melissa Mazza

Commercial Model Melissa Mazza is an actress first and a model second, so she knows all about applying acting techniques to her modeling. In this episode, she shares the east coast perspective, the excitement and perils of guerrilla shots, and vantages on different types of modeling.


Melissa’s Blog

Melissa’s MM

Melissa on Twitter

Rob Klein

Denise Williamson

Jack Roman

Scarlett St Vitus

Helena Christensen

Carly Erin

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Ep 31 – Photographer Garry King

garyking (1)
“Photoshop can fix a lot of things, but it can’t fix a ‘deer in headlights’ look”; wise words from photographer Garry King on the virtues of working with expressive models. Garry, who has been a photographer since the mid 1970’s, talks to us about the effect of digital technology on model photography, his own podcast (Glamour Photo Show), and the difference between an idealized image versus a cartoon.


Glamour Photo Show

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Ep 30 – Model Floofie

Floofie is definitely a character. In fact, she’s a different character at every shoot. In this episode model Floofie, an aspiring animator with a degree in painting, tells us all about taking petite modeling to the next level, why she likes passionate photographers, and why excellent lighting skills and a positive attitude are the best traits a photographer can have.

Floofie on MM
Episode 12 – Robert Alvarado



Model Jess Robinson

Model Wolfpup

Model Apnea

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Ep 29 – The Christmas Special

Hosts Ron Davis and Shawna RencherMerry Christmas, everyone! Wow! Has it been a year already? It sure has, and what better way is there to celebrate than a Christmas Special with Shawna and Ron? In this episode we talk about the epic proportions of snow in Houston and some memorable moments of 2009. You also get to hear about all of our big plans for 2010 (podcast and otherwise), so sit back, listen in and get merry with The Photographer and Model Christmas Special!


Episode 3 – Nilo Aranzamendez

Episode 1 – Bob Warren

Episode 15 – Kristen Daniell

Episode 24 – Kerry Beyer

Episode 23 – Cyan Banister

Episode 21 – Tiffany Jackson

Ron on Zivity

Photographer and Model Facebook Fan Page


Traditions Dance Arte Project

Evan King

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Ep 28 – Photographer Ian X

Photographer Ian X
Photographer Ian X
Ian X is all darkness, contrast and strangeness. Well, that is how he describes his photography anyway, but don’t pigeonhole Ian because he is always reinventing and relabeling himself. Ian has some interesting thoughts on overcoming the stigma of a fine art photographer label, working with new models and some differences between working with UK versus American models.

Ian’s Website

Model in Clay Image


Matt Mayes aka MojoKiss

Kitten aka PiratePhotography

Rachel Dashae


Ayame Nekura

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