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Scarlett Unusual Fashion

This week’s podcast is my former muse Scarlett St Vitus, so I thought I’d make it a all Scarlett week on the blog. Some of these may be repeats, and all are from the archives, but you really can’t get enough.

As she says in the interview, she has a very interesting wardrobe. This qualifies.

The background is actually white with a green gel and a little increase in saturation in post.

Scarlett Fashion

Britt Black on Red

Brit is a very fit looking, very thin model. I learned a couple of things about shooting thin models during this shoot.

1). They look better in tight fitting clothing. I shot some images of her in a short flowy dress and she said something about her looking like she had chicken legs. I told her her legs were fine, but realized with the top of her body looking bigger than her legs, it did emphasize the thinness of her legs. When she was in something tight like the pink dress, or this outfit, her legs look like they should.

2). They don’t need to wear black. She almost looked too thin in this outfit.

Here I changed the background light to red because the outfit was black with red writing on it.

Model: Britt
MUA: Kristin Daniell
Britt Red and Black

Shawna in Flamenco Dress

I mentioned Shawna was a Flamenco dance instructor. This dress is made for that.

We had a tough time with this image because the wind was whipping in off the water. And the light and dark was a problem, which is why the ocean is blown out.

Makeup by Cassy of Lust Make Up.