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ToXic Punk Beauty

Model: ToXic.

I mentioned that ToXic had great skin. She did her own makeup and I told her to try something over the top. I think I had some inspiration images, but this was her idea. She asked if I had any tape and she ended up using gaffer’s tape to make the outlines of the stripes

I say in the caption this is the “correct” exposure because it is what the meter said to do. But you’ll see in future images, going a little hot is a good idea when shooting beauty.

ToXic Shot with the "Correct" exposure

Goth Swimsuit Ms October

Scarlett St Vitus was the first model we knew was going to be in the calendar. Matter of fact I did a test shoot with her to see if you could oiling a pale model’s skin worked the same as a tan one. It did, but the image was a little tame after we did all the other big concepts.

For Goth girls October is the most important month, so Scarlett is very honored.

Ms October Scarlett St Vitus

This image is my favorite shot for this month, but not the one used for the calendar. I actually don’t have that one.

Goth Swimsuit Ms August

Athena Fatale came down from Dallas with Angela. We had this idea we wanted to do a devil and the amazing Heather Stanley took her into the makeup room and started hand painting.

I know Athena thought it was fun because after the shoot she called Angela in to the dressing room to get her to take a picture of what she looked like after she took the latex “bikini” off….She didn’t ask me, I’d have be glad to shoot her.

Ms August Athena Fatale
Ms August Athena Fatale