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Best of 2010: #8 Niece Dark Show Red

I did the Dark Shower images a number of times over the last 2 years. Went from no light on the background to a white one to see the water to very saturated colors. I like the color a lot.

This on is special because the color is there, but the front light makes every rivlet of water on Niece’s body show up.

As an honorable mention for the best of here’s one where the flash didn’t go off and we got a cool backlit images with a lens flare worthy of Star Trek.

The Milk Shoot Begins

We started off trying to be worksafe, but most of the images are nude.

I don’t remember exactly where the idea for this shoot came from. Like most awesome ideas I’m sure there was more than one source and they were brought together.

I first heard of Alicia because she applied to be a model for our studio at one of our casting calls. Everyone said she was my kind of model, because of all the body art.

Then I decided it would work even better if she were in a white liquid like milk.

Here’s the first image from the shoot.

Milk and bikini

Without The Backlight

I meant to do that….OK, that’s a lie. A couple of times the backlight didn’t fire. And the image became completely different.

The lighting set up was one large soft box on a boom directly in front and above the model. A gridded light behind and to camera right hitting her and the water. Without it you don’t see the water falling, only running down the front of her body.

No backlight wetness

Model: Robin Bean
MUA: Kristin Daniell