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113 – Model Hollis Ireland

October 13, 2011 Information

(26:38) Redhead traveling model Hollis Ireland joins Ron and Shawna this week and reveals the secrets of the globetrotting model. Recorded from Hollis’s front seat as she travelled for an authentic feel. Turns out those models who travel around shooting have secret lists. Ron found out he wasn’t on the good one. Luckily he wasn’t […]

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How-To Build a Cyclorama Photo Studio

July 29, 2011 Featured

I’ve always called a cyclorama an infinity wall. It is a white background that curves as the bottom so you can’t see where the floor ends and the wall begins. There is no line there. Here’s a great video on how to build one. This is no simple project. They really build not only the […]

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Ep 75 – Photographer James Wiseman

November 11, 2010 Information
Thumbnail image for Ep 75 – Photographer James Wiseman

If you think organizing and executing a photo shoot in a studio is tough, try shooting underwater. Do not confuse that weightless feeling with ease! In this episode, James Wiseman tells us what it takes to get your feet wet in underwater photography, the special requirements for models and MUA’s, and how you light and […]

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Ep 63 – Photographer Corwin Prescott

August 19, 2010 Information
Thumbnail image for Ep 63 – Photographer Corwin Prescott

(14:15) Photographer Corwin Prescott likes his models to be foxy. At least, that is what the appearance of a taxidermy fox in his photos might suggest. In this episode he tells us why models need to be just as much personality as “model”, how to interact with models when they are “more than nude” in […]

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Exercise In Frustration

March 23, 2010 Information

I’ve been shooting models now for 5 years and still am frustrated with trying to select models. Tonight is one of those times. Next month I’m teaching a glamour photography workshop. I have one lovely but new model that will be working the already sold out practice session. I want an experienced glamour model to […]

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Facebook Fan Page

October 9, 2009 Featured

Photographer and Model now has a Facebook fan page. If you are on Facebook go check it out and become a fan. Then tell all your friends about it. Matter of fact you can tweet and stumble this post using the buttons below. Oh, and there are pictures of Shawna in a bikini. πŸ˜‰

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Model Posing Tip

August 15, 2009 Information

Here’s a video I ran across today with a Ford model talking about how to pose. It is a little disjointed, but the first pose she shows is one I always tell new models to do. Posing is something most new models have problems with and they look to photographers to give them direction.

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My Goth Swimsuit Calendar

May 25, 2009 Featured

Calendar Posts Table of Contents January February March April May June July August September October November December January I mentioned last week when talking about creating interesting work that I had done a Goth Swimsuit calendar. It was shot during the summer of 2006 and was for the year 2007. Since then the website for […]

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The Photographer And Model Podcast Manifesto

May 13, 2009 Information

UPDATE: On Sept 1, 2009 the podcast’s name was changed to the Photographer and Model Podcast. Everything must serve the Art first. What this show is about: Art – The podcast is a three way discussion between the hosts, the interviewees, and the audience on how to do the art of model photography.   Relationship – What […]

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The Shooting Beauty Model Photography Podcast

May 12, 2009 Featured

UPDATE: On Sept 1, 2009 the podcast changed its name to the Photographer and Model Podcast. The new podcast’s official name is “The Shooting Beauty Model Photography Podcast”. Shooting Beauty for short. I finally reconciled my artistic desire for a cool name with my SEO considerations. I get my keywords – Model and Photography – […]

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