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Thinking in 3D – Middleground

September 26, 2011 Instruction

Is middleground really the term for the thing between the foreground and the background? I don’t know, but it A) let me make a hobbit joke, which is cool, and B) explains where this part of the picture is well. This is where we put the subject. There’s the stuff in front of the model […]

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Thinking in 3D – Foreground

September 25, 2011 Instruction
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A photograph is a two dimensional, flat image. But it is of a three dimensional world. You need to be thinking about how to tell the viewer about all three dimensions. To do this think of your image in terms of three parts The Foreground, what’s in front the model. The Middleground – not be […]

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Thinking in 3D – Background

September 24, 2011 Instruction

If you’ve signed up for our free model photography mini-course, then you know that one of the 10 Common Mistakes of New Model Photographers is not watching your backgrounds. They having stuff coming out of their model’s head, like telephone poles or trees. Too often we don’t pay attention to what is behind our model […]

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Focus – Decide Where They Look

September 23, 2011 Instruction
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The power of being the photographer is you decided what the viewer sees. No matter what else is going on on set, no matter how big or small your shooting space is, no matter if your model is tall or short, or any of 100 other little weaknesses of reality, as the photographer you control […]

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White Balance Trick: Tungsten and Natural Light

September 10, 2011 Featured

Thursday I had a comercial shoot during the day at the studio and needed to be somewhere downtown in the evening so I decided I’d just hang out at the studio while one of my partners shot. Bob Warren was shooting traveling model Hollis Ireland that evening and invited me to come along. He planned […]

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How-To Build a Cyclorama Photo Studio

July 29, 2011 Featured

I’ve always called a cyclorama an infinity wall. It is a white background that curves as the bottom so you can’t see where the floor ends and the wall begins. There is no line there. Here’s a great video on how to build one. This is no simple project. They really build not only the […]

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Still Life Process Video

April 28, 2011 Instruction

Since this week’s episode is going to be a day late, I thought I’d post this video I recently made. It isn’t about model photography, but it will give you insight into how I think when setting up lighting and how to improvise to get what you want.

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The Power of a Portrait

September 8, 2010 Instruction
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A couple of years ago I had a friend who was newly divorced and starting online dating. Having been married for almost 20 years I knew nothing about online dating, so I asked to see her profile. “OMG, that picture is horrible.” I don’t know online dating, but I know photography and her image was […]

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PS Tutorial Video On How To Add Bubbles

February 22, 2010 Featured

This is a quick Photoshop Tutorial video I made to show you how to graft anything with a black background on to another image. I learned the technique when Andy Silvers mentioned it during his podcast episode. Mentioned: Model Britt Model Zinn Star

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What Makes You The Photographer Of An Image?

January 19, 2010 Instruction

Is the person who clicks the shutter the photographer of an image? I always kind of thought so, until I took this image of Shawna and I. I set up the lights. I posed us. But my wife clicked the image. I even told her how to compose it. But since I’m in it I […]

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