Exploring a Theme

January 11, 2010 Featured

Sometimes one shoot isn’t enough to really get what you wanted. You come up with a cool idea and then do it, but you know it could be better, or you could do something a little different. The obvious solution is to shoot it again. In one sense that seems like you are shooting the […]

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How To Not Seem Creepy When Communicating With Models

January 4, 2010 Featured
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We talked previously about how to approach “models” in the real world and now I wanted to talk about how not to seem creepy. This isn’t an easy to write about because what creeps a woman out varies from woman to woman and model to model. I think the models who are most successful are […]

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Model Photography: What is It?

December 14, 2009 Featured

Model Photography is the focus of everything we do at Photographer and Model, so I thought I should write a little about what it is. At the most basic level, model photography is about creating images of models. There are lots of kinds of photography and we generally define them by what the subjects of […]

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How To Approach “Models” In the Real World

December 7, 2009 Featured
Model Ellen who didn't think she was pretty in middle school

Finding models offline can be a challenge. It isn’t hard to find pretty girls that you know you’d love to shoot, but getting them to shoot with you can be difficult and scary. To me there are two main ways to go about approaching a stranger to model for you. Direct and indirect. “Model” Before […]

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Don’t Fall In Love With The Models

November 30, 2009 Dance

The other night I went and saw the Revolve Dance Company and was blown away. The visuals I got are feeding future photographic endeavors and I recommend going to see dance whenever you can. I’ve said before that dancers make great models because they know how to use their body and “pose” naturally. I noticed […]

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A Guide To Shooting While In Las Vegas

October 20, 2009 Featured

It’s Las Vegas week here on Photographer and Model. I’m going to Las Vegas Wednesday night and staying through the weekend. This week’s guest on the podcast is Tiffany Jackson, a Las Vegas model. While I’m in Vegas I’m going to be shooting with Tiffany and another model. While interviewing Tiffany for the podcast I […]

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What Do You Shoot? Answer It Right.

September 23, 2009 Featured

We were having an open house at my studio and I asked a photographer, “What do you shoot?” His answer? “Canon.” I kind of laughed and said, “No, I meant what are your subjects.” People, we don’t shoot cameras, we shoot landscapes, or models, or cars, or pickles. During Frederik Van Johnson’s interview we talked […]

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One Thing That Makes You Look Creepy

September 21, 2009 Featured

This weekend was Houston Skyline Studio’s Fine Art Nude workshop and I noticed something I wanted to share. One of the things people wanted to know in my recent survey of the Photographer and Model email list was how to NOT seem creepy to models. So this was in my head while I was observing […]

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I’m An Amateur. No Apologies Series

September 14, 2009 Featured

I’m not in this for the money. Matter of fact my photography costs me money, it doesn’t make me money. But that’s fine. What is a Professional? Von R Buzzard at his blog had a post entitled What Kind of Photographer Are You? Part 1. I think a better title would have been What is […]

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No Apologies Blog Series

September 7, 2009 Featured
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I’m tired of feeling guilty. I’m tired of admitting things only timidly. I’m tired of feeling link I’m “not a real photographer” because I do certain things. So I’m going to start a new series of blog posts this month. These posts will cover things I’m not going to apologize for any more. I’m not […]

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