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My Story

My Story

Gallery Show

October 17, 2012 Featured
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After moving from Houston to Abilene I started looking for a way to connect with other photographers in the area and ended up joining the West Texas Photographic Society. This group has been around for decades and has monthly meetings that alternate between instruction and photography contests. They also have an annual show at the […]

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Exercise In Frustration

March 23, 2010 Information

I’ve been shooting models now for 5 years and still am frustrated with trying to select models. Tonight is one of those times. Next month I’m teaching a glamour photography workshop. I have one lovely but new model that will be working the already sold out practice session. I want an experienced glamour model to […]

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My Last Shooting Trip To Vegas

October 21, 2009 My Story

This is a recount of the best and worst trip I’ve made to Vegas. This is the only time I tried to shoot while there, and that ended up being cool and horrible. The worst consequence of a model flake ever, and the only time I ever stood a model up. Things to learn from […]

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Do My Headlines Cross The Line?

September 19, 2009 My Story

Any blogging course or top 10 list of things you should do will tell you to make interesting blog titles. They are link bait. They are suppose to draw the reader in. So yes, I do put words like topless and nude in the title to get people to click. But do I cross the […]

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The Perils of Being a Geek Photographer

March 2, 2009 Instruction

Being a geek photographer is different from being a photography geek. A photography geek is some one obsessed with the intricacies of how photography works. In the past that was how light acted on film and how to do development. Now is about megapixels and light sensitivity. A geek photographer is someone who comes from […]

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How I Became A Glamour Photographer: My Muse

November 24, 2008 My Story

A muse is a model that you shoot with often and massively increase your skill and art in the process. If you’ve been following my blog daily you’ll notice a lot of images from Scarlett St. Vitus. Scarlett was my first muse. There are very few models I’ve shot with more than once. Scarlett I’ve […]

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How I Became A Glamour Photographer: Best Of The Best 2

November 17, 2008 Fitness

And now for something completely different. That Monty Python quote could have described my experience May of 2005. I shoot Goth Celebrity Batty and then one week later I’m off to Playa Del Carmen to be one of the photographers competing in the reality TV show, Best of the Best 2. The idea was 10 […]

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How I Became A Glamour Photographer: Going Goth

November 10, 2008 Goth

I am not in anyway Goth. Matter of fact I’d never met or knew a goth before I became a photographer. Never even been in Hot Topic. (Oh my goth friends are not going to like that.) At this point in the story I have some shots in my portfolio. I start getting contacted by […]

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How I Became A Glamour Photographer: My First Shoot

November 8, 2008 My Story

Continued from How I Became A Glamour Photographer: An Art I Can Do I want to impress you. Just like most photographers I want to show you my best work so you will go “Wow you are really good.” Ultimately I do this because I want you to let me teach you about photographing models. […]

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How I Became a Glamour Photographer: An Art I Can Do

November 6, 2008 My Story

Continued from How I Became a Glamour Photographer: The Foundation. I wish I could remember how I ended up there. It was really important and ultimately changed my life. It is changing my life to this day. Where? GarageGlamour.com Garage Glamour was a website started and run by Rolando Gomez. It was dedicated to the […]

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