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118 Listener Questions

(17:43) The Pod people are revealed in this episode, you can actually watch Shawna and Ron do their podcasting thing in this video episode.

We answer your questions this week.

Listener Question:
“How do you know when a project is finished? Not a single shoot, where the goal
is usually clear, but a collective, like William Wegman and his dogs, Avedon’s
portraits against a white background, etc.”

Steve wrote:
I have started to hire models for regular studio photoshoots but have a question
about payment etiquette. Normally my shoots have been about 2-3 hours, but for
the first 30-45 minutes the model is usually putting on makeup & getting
dressed. Up to this point and as a rule I started the clock when the model
shows up. In the modeling profession is it expected the rate is based on the
arrival time, or the time the model is ready to start shooting. I’m definitely
not cheap, but I wanted to know if there is an excepted practice. Nice podcast,
keep up the excellent work.

A model
“Can I see all the images from the shoot? Not just the good ones?”

Exploring a Theme

Shea Hembrey: How I became 100 artists

116 Photog Paul Manoian

(16:20) Michigan photographer Paul Manoian started out in portraits and moved into model photography. Listen to him talk about that change and how working with models is different. He also give tips on getting into secret places.

In the banter we talk about movies we’ve walked out on.

Paul’s Website

Listener Questions



The Libertine
Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid
The Saddest Music in the World
Austin Powers

Carly Francavilla’s website
Carly Francavilla’s MM
Jacqueline Craig’s MM
Dan Lippitt

115 Mike Roberts Portfolio Review

(21:17) We created a video of Shawna and I critiquing Mike Robert’s Model Mayhem portfolio. Something a little different. We tried to be nice, but Shawna had to do a voice imitation. You want to check this out.

Listener Questions



Mike Robert’s Portfolio
The forum post that started it all.

114 Photog Robert Prophet

(21:17) Robert Prophet is new to the model photography scene but he’s going after it with a furor we haven’t seen in a long time. Blazing out of the gate and straight into the Girls with Guns hall of fame, Robert is the man behind and the tactigirls calendar.

He gives the perspective of the new photographer and shows what you can do in a short time if you are focused.

And there is discussion of Ren Faires, and Spock Nazis.

Robert’s MM profile.

Listener Questions

What has Ron been up to during the hiatus and what does it mean to the future of Photographer and Model?

Model Shelby Carter
Photographer Allen Henson

112 – Photog Tom Sparks

Photographer Tom Sparks
Photographer Tom Sparks
(19:24) Tom Sparks is a Utah based photographer with a passion for helping new models. He’s shot lots of different things and many new models, so we had to have him on the show.

He’s created a Facebook group for Utah based models that has spread beyond that state and he talks a little about creating controversy in more conservative areas.


Tom’s website.
Tom’s blog.
Tom’s Twitter

Tom on Facebook
Tom on Model Mayhem

David Terry
Stewart Hackworth
Niki Weiss Bowerbank
Joy de Juer

111 – Weeee’rrrre Back!

$6,000,000 Man and Bionic Woman
$6,000,000 Man and Bionic Woman
(20:25) And Shawna is punchy. But not in the way that leaves Ron bloody at the end of the show. Find out what she’s been doing during our break that has made her funny all the time. We also talked about changes that are coming to Photographer and Model from Ron.

The biggest change is the opening of the Photographer and Model Community Forum. When I started this whole model photography journey, I started on a forum.

These days it doesn’t seem there are any good forums for model photographers. I was talking to my studio partners and they were thinking the same thing. There are a lot of photography forums out there and many may have a model photography section, but nothing dedicated to just photographers who shoot models.

And is there anywhere that models and photographers interact? That was one of the things I really like back in the day was experienced models would give their feedback on my images and my portfolio. It helped.

We here at P&M are uniquely set up to create that kind of place, and so the Photographer and Model Community Forum is born. Go check it out and introduce yourself. Like all new forums it is a little barren right now, but that will change quickly.

Should we post when we book someone for the show? Answer that in the forums, because comments are now gone.


The Six Million Dollar Man
The Bionic Woman
The Wishbook
The Woman in Black
Harry Potter
Garage Glamour
How I Became a Glamour Photographer
Houston Skyline Studio
30 Day Trial TED Talk
Zoe Saldana, Uhura & Columbiana
Star Trek
Bourne movies
Jet Lee – Lethal Weapon 4
Ra’s al Ghul
Batman Begins
The Dark Knight Rises
Upstart Filmworks

Listener Questions

Post them to the forums or go to contact form.
Don’t forget to post it in Latin for Shawna

Ep 110 – Photographer Mike Wilson

You have questions; Ron and Shawna have answers! Photographer and Model is your one stop shop for everything model photography.

Sometimes photographers bring really cool ideas or props to the table. Photographer Mike Wilson is probably the only guy who has brought something from 30,000 leagues to the table, though. He also had some interesting perspectives on this week’s listener question which, without surprise, Ron was able to relate to firearms. Check out this awesome interview with “The Nowhere Man.”

Mike’s Website

Mike on Facebook


Michelle Green

Larry Grant

Kenzie Stevens

Ep 109 – Photographer Oleg Volk

You have questions; Ron and Shawna have answers! Photographer and Model is your one stop shop for everything model photography.

When you interview models and photographers every week, you hear all
kinds of reasons for why they became involved in model photography.
Never before this episode, however, had we heard “concern for the
direction of American politics” as one of those reasons. Allow us to
introduce photographer Oleg Volk. He is one of those photographers
that can use the verb “shoot” in a variety of contexts. If you browse
firearm catalogues and publications, chances are you have seen some of
his work. In this episode we shoot the breeze with Oleg, and amongst
other things, he tells us what it is like to train models to handle a

Oleg’s website