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Model Interviews from the model photography podcast.

Ep 41 – Model Bailey Devonish

Model Bailey Devonish likes experiencing what the different genres of modeling are all about, but she does confess that she is primarily a nude model. In this episode Bailey tells us about what happens when you tell your non-photographer/non-model friends that you are a nude model, why she wants to be a part of the self-realization trend, and what happens at Nude Night in Orlando. Is baring it all about more than taking off your clothes? Check out the podcast and let us know what you think.

Bailey’s Website

Bailey’s Youtube

Bailey on One Model Place

Bailey on Model Mayhem

Bailey on Myspace

Bailey’s Blog


Nude Nite

Model Revel

Model Aprella

Model Apnea

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Ep 39 – Model Pixie

We spent the first part of this show with Model Pixie labeling mythical creatures and talking Megadeth. Seriously. It all goes hand in hand with Pixie’s adventurous personality, and in this episode she tells us about some of her adventures in modeling and controversy. This episode is definitely as much fun as it is informative, so plug in and get ready for some mirth and adventure with Photographer and Model.

Pixie’s DeviantART Page

Pixie’s Model Mayhem Page

Version of Pixie Climbing Wall Image

Photographer Natasha Epherson

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Ep 37 – Model Robin Bean

Do you know the ins and outs of workshops? Model Robin Bean does, and in this episode she shares some of the strangest and most interesting things that happen to a workshop model. You also get to hear all about what this model really wants from a photographer and why the most exciting part of model photography is the experience of the shoot rather than just the product.

Robin’s Model Mayhem Page


Rope Image

Shower Image


Photographer Don Ritchson

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Ep 34 – Model Joy Trimble

If you think looking “dirty and sweaty” in a photograph sounds bad, you haven’t seen fitness model Joy Trimble’s photos. From the nutrition and workout routines she uses to prepare for a shoot to her creepiest experience with a photographer, in this interview, Joy flexes the muscle of an experienced model.


Episode 5 – Photographer Tracy Hicks



Model Savanna Brooke

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Ep 32 – Model Melissa Mazza

Commercial Model Melissa Mazza is an actress first and a model second, so she knows all about applying acting techniques to her modeling. In this episode, she shares the east coast perspective, the excitement and perils of guerrilla shots, and vantages on different types of modeling.


Melissa’s Blog

Melissa’s MM

Melissa on Twitter

Rob Klein

Denise Williamson

Jack Roman

Scarlett St Vitus

Helena Christensen

Carly Erin

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Ep 30 – Model Floofie

Floofie is definitely a character. In fact, she’s a different character at every shoot. In this episode model Floofie, an aspiring animator with a degree in painting, tells us all about taking petite modeling to the next level, why she likes passionate photographers, and why excellent lighting skills and a positive attitude are the best traits a photographer can have.

Floofie on MM
Episode 12 – Robert Alvarado



Model Jess Robinson

Model Wolfpup

Model Apnea

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Ep 27 – Model Kimberly Boenker

Kimberly Boenker from Practical Pinup Online Workshop
Kimberly Boenker from Practical Pinup Online Workshop
Kimberly Boenker is a model I’ve shot with a number of times. Better strap in for this one, and it’s NSFW. We talk about everything from shooting pinup to swords, armor, and cats. Her most controversial image and how she deals with creepy photographers. What she looks for in a photographer’s portfolio before she’ll work with him. Kimberly’s done a lot of work with new photographers and has some advice on dealing with a naked model in front of you.

Kimberly’s MM

The Practical Pinup Online Workshop

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Ep 25 – Model Shannon Purdy


This week we interview Model Shannon Purdy. Shannon is primarily a fine art model, who prefers to model nude. It was her unique perspective on fashion vs nude modeling. She is the wife of a photographer and has seen both sides of the model photography which gives her a perspective on what is a good model and photographer. She also talks about what it is like to shoot with your spouse. Lots of model use an alias, but Shannon doesn’t and talks about why she uses her real name.

Oh, and sorry about leaving the ceiling fan on during the recording.

Shannon Purdy’s Website

Shannon’s MM

Husband J. Wade Purdy



J. Wade Purdy

Liz Stuart

Sonya Saiz

Dion McInnis

Craig Christie Jr

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Ep 23 – Model Cyan Banister

Cyan Banister shot by @merkley
Cyan Banister shot by @merkley

Cyan Banister is both a model and the Founder of a social network for models and photographers. This episode is a discussion about her modeling and and everything-you-wanted-to-know-about-Zivity-but-were-afraid-to-ask.

Why not getting what you want from a model photoshoot as a photographer is a good thing. We talk to her about how her modeling has impacted her self image. As someone who is hooked into the high tech community in Silicon Valley, she talks about how people react to someone who is “naked on the internet”.

Then we talk about Zivity itself. Its genesis, and all the questions I had as a photographer about Zivity including why the split is the way it is. We also find out about changes to come. Ron and Cyan also talk about how Zivity can impact the amateur model and photographer world that is run on the TFP model.

All around a great and fun episode.

Cyan’s Zivity Profile

@cyantist on twitter.

Suicide Girls
Model Mayhem
One Model Place

Here recommendations for interviewees:
@animesexbomb aka Mischa
Jillian Ann

Image by @merkley

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Ep 21 – Model Tiffany Jackson

Tiffany Jackson, by Vincent of Def Films
Tiffany Jackson, by Vincent of Def Films
Model Tiffany Jackson explains how models set their rates and how she balances the creative vs the business. And how she’d love the be the first girl to die.

Do photographers normally have an idea what they want to shoot? Not in Tiffany’s experience.

Tiffany helps out new models and give some tips on this episode for those models. She also talks about how flakes make her life easier.

We talk about Las Vegas, where she’s from, and how the modeling scene works there. With some tips about traveling there and shoots.

How she dealt with controversy and how people blame the photographer first, even when it’s the model’s idea.

Tiffany Jackson’s MM

First Friday In Vegas

Scott Kelby

Roxy Vandiver Episode

Tiffany’s headshot by Vincent of Def Film

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