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Ep 7 – Photog Vegas Alien

Jim Warren of Vegas Alien
Jim Warren of Vegas Alien

This week we talk with Photographer Jim Warren of Vegas Alien. Jim is a Chicago based photographers with a lot of experience shooting models. While like all of our interviews we talk about style and art, he also gives advice to new photographers and models.

Listen to find out why he gets weird looks from people on the street. Where he sees missed opportunities in his own and others work. How motivation influences mistakes for new photographers and how to get past that.

We also talk about some of his signature images.

Vegas Alien Blog
Vegas Alien Model Mayhem

Swiss Longboard Company mentioned.

Ep 6 – Model Zoya Pepel

Zoya Pepel Hands Up Raised
Zoya Pepel Hands Up Raised

Zoya Pepel is the kind of artist we like to have on the show and this episode shows why. We talked a very deep level about art and relationship. 

What is art? What makes a good photographer while still being diplomatic. What is the difference between a GWC and a photographer?

About her crazy schedule. Learning from being a burlesque dancer and being the bad girl. Why do artists do so many different things?

Zoya’s Blog

Nette Harris
Bob Warren
Lina Barras
J Scott King
Shawn Kennedy

Today’s theme music: Killer Clown by Electromagnetic Impulses provided by the podsafe music network.

Ep 5 – Photog Tracy Hicks

Photographer Tracy Hicks
Photographer Tracy Hicks

Glamour Photographer Tracy Hicks is this week’s guest on the Photographer And Model Podcast.

We talk about how you view images in your portfolio and how others do. What is sexy classy and where is the line? The permanence and value of photography. What is style and what is his style. And how models react to his style.

He also talks about making models and non-models comfortable. His advice on the relationship between models and photographers is also straight to the point. Avoid the drama.

People mentioned in this podcast:

Johnny Crosslin
Onxy Photography
Rich Cutrone
Wendy Satio
Danny Doyle
Robert Alvarado

Today’s music was X-Files Techno by Guardian Mind Mix. Provided by the Podsafe Music Network.

Ep 4 – Model Sallie Lou

This is episode 4 of the shooting beauty model photography podcast. The one where Shawna and Ron interview Model Sallie Lou.

Sallie Lou belays the idea that model’s aren’t smart. Matter of fact she’s so intense we had trouble keeping up. We talk about modeling as a creative outlet for someone who helps train doctors. And please don’t make her bring out the autopsy stories.

We also talk about working with photographers, shoots that go well and ones that don’t. What she looks for in a photographer’s portfolio. What boobs and butts mean to her in your portfolio.

If you would like the opportunity to shoot with Sallie Lou, she will be modeling at the next two workshops from Houston Skyline Studio. She’s the model for the July workshop on Basic Lighting, and she is one of two 5 foot 10 models for the Glamour Workshop in August. The theme of the August workshop is “Two Girls At The Same Time” and Ron will be teaching how to make images of two models together.

We only allow 12 photographers at each workshop, so seating is limited. You can get more information and sign-up at

This week’s music was “Forest in the Morning” by Fumitaka Anzai provided by the podsafe music network.

Ep 3 – Photog Nilo Aranzamendez

Photographer Nilo Aranzamendez
Photographer Nilo Aranzamendez

This week we talk with Nilo Aranzamendez, promotional and club photographer, about the particular community he is a photographer for. While a relatively new photographer of models, his unique marketing background gives great insight into model career development.

Nilo’s Websites:
Nilo’s Portfolio

Houston Music Scene

People mentioned in the podcast:
Raul Bella Jr – partner
Tilia Tequila
Yazmin Islas

This week’s music was Animus Remix by Technetium, provided by the podsafe music network.

Ep 2 – Model Tierra

Model Tierra
The one where Ron and Shawna interview Model Tierra. Tierra talks about being wrapped in a python, having a tarantula on her face, working with other models, what makes a good photographer, what it is like to have a model boyfriend and more.

Tierra on Model Mayhem

Other people mentioned in the podcast:

Photographer Hassan. The guy with the snake and spider.

Tierra’s boyfriend model Dwayne. The guy with the….no I’m not going to take that easy shot.

Supershoots Workshops Tierra worked in beautiful Nevada

This episode’s music was Evolve by Jim Richmond provided by the pod safe music network.

Ep 1 – Photog Bob Warren

Candid 5Show Notes and Links

In this episode we talk with Fine Art Photographer Bob Warren. Topics include:

Art vs Commerce and how to balance them.

The creative process. Where does art start?

What’s the model’s role? What is a style?

Why isn’t there Glamour in art gallery?

Bob’s Website

Houston Skyline Studio

Lilian’s, Bob’s wife, art.

Beauty and Brains

The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp

High Fashion Crime Scenes

Kate Moss by 12 Photographers was mention but I couldn’t find a link. Bob mentioned it in American Photo Magazine.

Ep 0 – The Manifesto


UPDATE: On Sept 1, 2009, the podcast’s name was changed to the Photographer And Model podcast.

In this episode Shawna and Ron talk about the Shooting Beauty Manifesto.
The Manifesto

The other art based podcast: Candid Frame

Books Mentioned: The Creative Habit and Tribes.

The video show Shawna and I worked together on.
Beauty & Brains

This week’s theme music was Manifesto by JINX TITANIC provided by the PodSafe music network.

Ep -1: Photographer JT Smith

Photographer JT Smith
Photographer JT Smith
Another prequel episode, this time an interview with Photographer J T Smith of Super Shoots. JT is something of a mentor to me and I’ve attended his workshop in Las Vegas, where I got work that is still in my portfolio today.

We talk with JT about how he got started in photography, and how he ended up doing workshops. Then we talk about working with models, and some common mistakes he sees new photographers making.

JT has two sites, one for the Super Shoots workshops and the other a Super Shoots Networking site where workshop alum, both models and photographers, as well as other interested people communicate.

My images from Super Shoot Las Vegas 2005.

Ep -2:Model Valerie Whitaker

Model Valerie Whitaker
Model Valerie Whitaker
This episode is something of a practice run, hence the negative two episode number. The interview was actually recorded in 2008 on video. At the time I knew I wanted to do a podcast, but not exactly the tone, theme, or focus. There is a lot of good information and interesting stories in this discussion with Valerie Whitaker, so I wanted to share it with you.

Another reasons this is a practice podcast is the audio quality. It was recorded on video with only Valerie miced with a lapel mic. Going forward quality will increase, I promise.

Also my co-host Shawna Rencher wasn’t part of the process.

You can find images and video of Valerie on the Glamour blog. The intro music was provided by podsafe music network. The song is called Point Break, by 42 shades of gray, which I thought sounded like a great band for a photography podcast. Especially one where I interview a fine art model that I shot a lot in black and white.

You can see more of Valerie here on the blog, or at her OMP profile.