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My Co-Host Shawna Rencher

Shawna Rencher

At right is an image of the podcast’s co-host Shawna Rencher. She’s also the model of the week. We last shot together as part of my Galveston shoot.

Shawna is a multi-talented woman. She’s a martial artist (Kung Fu), a Flamenco dance instructor, has worked on films and models. She has a BA in History with a Minor in Theology from St. Thomas University here in Houston.

You can find out more about her at her new website

And you will be hearing from her soon in the new model photography podcast.

Tomorrow I will be announcing the name of the new podcast.

Help Me Name My Podcast

The podcast is a go. I will be doing it with a model co-host and I’m going to tell you all about it in the next few days.

We’re recording our first official interview in the next few days and it would be really great to know what we were going to call this thing. I’m struggling with artistic desires verses marketing and SEO necessities.

I want your input. Which of these names would you be most likely to listen to?

  • The Photographer & Model Podcast
  • The Model Photography Podcast.
  • Shooting Beauty Podcast.
  • Photography and Modeling Podcast.
  • The Glamour Apprentice Podcast.

If you want a feel for what the show will be like, check out my previous post about starting a model photography podcast.

Put your answers in the comments or make a suggestion for something else.

Should I Start A Podcast?

That’s the question that has been banging around my head for months. I go back and forth on it. In some ways it would be fun, in others a lot of work. Would the work be worth it to me and to you my listeners?

Here’s what I’m thinking. It would be an interview podcast on model photography. There are lots of photography podcasts out there and for a Glamour Apprentice podcast to be worth it, it would have to be different from other podcasts. How to do that?

One of the things I like to focus on here on GA is the interaction between model and photographer, as well as support people like Make Up Artists. I don’t know of any other podcast that does that.

So if I do one, it will be interviews with photographers, models and MUAs on their perspectives of the creative process, how to be professional, and what differentiates a wannabe model from a real one. A GWC from a professional.

I’d also focus less on big time NY and LA photographers who are making a living shooting for magazines*, and instead focus on quality internet photographers and models.

Many of the photography interview podcasts I listen to also focus on wedding photographers, or photo journalists. My podcast wouldn’t. I want photogs that shoot models for art and for fun.

For models, I’d probably interview models I shoot, or would shoot and talk to them about the things they wish photographers knew. With the more experienced ones, I’d also find out what other models need to know.

I also wouldn’t be afraid to interview controversial choices like fine art nude, fetish, and erotic photographer and models.

In a way I have two interviews recorded. I’ve got the video interview I did with Valerie Whitaker. I also did an interview with SuperShoot’s JT Smith. Had some audio challenges with that one, which is why it isn’t available now.

I’d also take questions from you my blog readers/twitter followers for the interviews. I want to make sure you get answers to the questions you always wanted to know.

Hey, maybe I should make each guest come up with a question for the next one, possibly without knowing who it is. 🙂

What do y’all think? Does the world need another photography podcast? Would one as I describe it, be worthwhile to you?

* the Light Source podcast from does that well already. My only problem with them is the audio quality of some of their interviews is so low it is painful to listen too.